Judy is hands down the best vocal coach I have ever had.

Her background as a performer and her knowledge of the technical side of singing come together for the best possible training one could have for singing at any level.

Within my first 3 lessons I was singing notes I thought I could never reach, safely and with correct technique. I have worked on songs with Judy I thought I could never sing with what I thought was “my” limited range….but no more! Judy has all the tools to increase your range, quality of sound and bring the songs you work on to a performance level.

She has solutions for those areas in your voice that skip or break and great exercises to strengthen those middle
tones in your voice as well.

She uses Skype and Facetime for lessons so it is super convenient and private as well. I am just really glad I found her!”

  Elizabeth Beau, Portland, Oregon

“Judy is the most amazing vocal coach! My daughter has had 3 vocal coaches and by far Judy surpassed them all. And she does it remotely via FaceTime or Skype in your own home which is a lifesaver and a wonderfully comfortable and personal experience. Highly recommended!!”

Anissa Branch-Portland, Oregon

“Judy is the most supportive, professional and engaging vocal coach anyone could hope for. She tailors each lesson to the individual singer’s need and ability and her dedication and patience brings out the best in her students. Judy has been my vocal coach for the past two years and I have experienced first hand how her incredible knowledge of tools and techniques increases vocal skill and confidence. Highly recommended!”

Catherine Nemec, Portland Oregon

I just listened to this week’s lesson. Thank you. Working with you has done wonders to my voice and to my singing and to my confidence. I will never be a Pop star but I sound better than I expected to. Now, I think I will listen to myself singing that little song again. Heck, I sound good.”

Karen Maurer, Skype student, Bethlehem PA

Concert went great! The techniques you’ve taught me for not forcing the high notes REALLY saved me, and I enjoyed the luxury of being really comfortable in my lower range. My band & audience had a good time, so all is well. ”

Paul Chasman, Singer/Songwriter

I have been training with Judy for over a year now, and it has been the best vocal training I have had in my career. I came to Judy only being classically trained and wanting to expand my range. She has given me the tools to strengthened my voice and has taught me so much about the true anatomy of singing. I can confidently say I am stronger singer than I was even a month ago. Love her!

LuluBeatz-recording artist